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F. J. Brindley and Sons (Sheffield) Ltd. Founded in 1864

The Company
The company became specialists in the manufacture of high quality Forgings under the leadership of the founder Frederick James Brindley, a solver of many forging problems.

In the beginning we manufactured tools and steel grinding balls for the Mining and Quarry industry and even today the company still produce Grinding Balls and are still the only Ball Forge in the UK to hand forge steel balls up to 150mm.

We can supply you with all the gate components you need to make beautiful and functional gates. Each gate part is categorised so it is easy to find which parts you are looking for.

The company now specialises in the manufacture of Pre Fabricated Wrought Iron panels and Components, all for the Fabrication industry including large Security Gates that can be electrically operated.

The company today is still a family concern and the board of directors today consists of members of the fourth generation.
If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us:

Central Hammer Works
Acres Hill Lane
Tel No : +44 (0)114 2449663
Fax : +44 (0)114 2435112

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