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Anti Theft Collars

Anti Theft Collars available in a variety of sizes - see below
By placing the security collar onto your gate hinge it is an
inexpensive way to hopefully deter theft of your valuable gates
as they will no longer be able to be just lifted off the hinge pin.
Easy to fit, just loosen the screw first, then place the collar over
the hinge pin and tighten the screw ( a 3mm allen key will be
required) It can be removed if necessary.

Anti Theft Collar for 12 mm Hinge

Ref: AntiM12 

Price: 0.60 (0.72 Including VAT at 20%)

Anti Theft Collar for 16 mm Hinge

Ref: AntiM16 

Price: 0.85 (1.02 Including VAT at 20%)

Anti Theft Collar for 20 mm Hinge

Ref: AntiM20 

Price: 0.95 (1.14 Including VAT at 20%)

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