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LSKZ U2 Locinox Lock for Sliding Gates Available in sizes from 40mm-100mm

First-grade lock for manual sliding gates with aluminium housing and stainless steel mechanism. The unique Twistfinger and conforming auto-correcting keep guarantees a perfect closing of your sliding gate.

ISO 9227 KTL / E-coated lock box withstands 1000 hours of salt spray test
Mechanism and Twistfinger in stainless steel
Adjustable for horizontal or vertical mounting of the keep (catch bolt)
Fixing with 2 hexagon socket head screws
Innovative closing system
Stainless steel collar around the Twistfinger prevents cutting through the twistfinger (catchbolt)
Standard with reinforced aluminium handle pair
3006S: Square 10 mm follower

Available in Sizes from 40mm-100mm

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