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The Complete Catalogue is now Available for Download!

If you are interested in downloading the "COMPLETE (111 PAGE) CATALOGUE", then Reading this document will help you navigate the product catalogue with ease.
You may choose to skip these instructions and continue to download the catalogue from the table listed at the bottom of this page.
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Get Adobe Reader These sections are in .PDF format and you will require Adobe® Acrobat Reader® to view them.
You can get Acrobat® for free at The Adobe Acrobat Website, click the logo shown left to go.

The following instructions do not apply to the individual sections of the catalogue.

The images below explain the easiest way to browse through the complete catalogue.

METHOD 1 - Using the Bookmark Links to go to various sections.

Method 1 - illustration

Step 1: On the left side of the Adobe Acrobat Reader window, you will see a link for Bookmarks (Location A in the diagram) A single left-click will activate this menu.

Step 2: Listed within, are the various sections of the catalogue (Location B in the diagram).
Click on the section of your choice to go to the relevant page (which will be displayed at Location C in the diagram)

Important Note:
Some bookmarks that have a '+' sign next to them, will only reveal the first page.
For example, as shown in the following diagram, clicking on the word PANELS will only show the first page of that section. To view the pages embedded in that section, you must click on the '+' sign next to the word PANELS and the embedded links will become visible.

clicking the plus sign shows that section's contents
> Before clicking the '+' sign ""

here the section is expanded to show it's contents

> After clicking the '+' sign.
METHOD 2 - Using the Index page to navigate.

An easy way to jump to the various sections of the product catalogue is to use the links on the index page.

Index links Every line on the index page acts as a link to the relevant section.
A single left click on any of these links will help you reach the page of your choice.
Logo link Having reached the page of your interest, the quickest way to get back to the index page, in order to reselect a new category; is to click on the "FJB & Sons" logo - located on the top-left corner of every product page.

Note: We do our best to keep prices updated in our catalogue. However, due to unanticipated price fluctuations, the company reserves the right to change these prices without prior notice.
All prices exclude VAT and delivery.

To download catalogue: Right click on the link and click on 'Save target as...'
(Alternatively, clicking the link as normal will open the file in a new browser window (if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed) you can then choose to print or save the file if you wish)

Section Title Pages Link Filesize
Adjustable Eyebolts, Eyes, Lugs and Hinges 3 DOWNLOAD 347 Kb
Bow Balusters 3 DOWNLOAD 257 kB
Cantilever Systems and Accessories 2 DOWNLOAD 338 Kb
Collar Clips 1 DOWNLOAD 127 Kb
Collars (Round and Square) and Cast Collars 3 DOWNLOAD 350 Kb
Decorative and Tubular Handrails, Staircase - Returns, Corners and Sweeps 4 DOWNLOAD 409 Kb
Decorative Bars 10 DOWNLOAD 992 Kb
Decorative Lamp 1 DOWNLOAD 74 Kb
Disks and Handrail Brackets 1 DOWNLOAD 107 Kb
Edge Hammered Box and Corner Blocks 1 DOWNLOAD 100 Kb
Fish-tail Rings and Curtain Pole Rings 1 DOWNLOAD 101 Kb
Floral Panels and Plain Oval Panel 6 DOWNLOAD 715 Kb
Flowers and Leaves 5 DOWNLOAD 507 Kb
Forged Bars 1 DOWNLOAD 104 Kb
Forged Frame Ends & Slam Plates 2 DOWNLOAD 205 Kb
Gate Automation and Intercom Systems 21 DOWNLOAD 2.1 MB
Gate Fittings 6 DOWNLOAD 612 Kb
Gate Tops and Gate Top Scrolls 2 DOWNLOAD 194 Kb
Grapes and Leaves 1 DOWNLOAD 91 Kb
Hinges, Eyebolts and Lugs 3 DOWNLOAD 347 Kb
Hoop-top Railings 1 DOWNLOAD 121 Kb
Laser Cut Letters 1 DOWNLOAD 106 Kb
Leaves and Flowers 5 DOWNLOAD 507 Kb
Letter Boxes 2 DOWNLOAD 179 Kb
Locks and Security Barriers 16 DOWNLOAD 1.6 MB
Mild Steel Basket on Bar 1 DOWNLOAD 106 Kb
Mild Steel Baskets 1 DOWNLOAD 127 Kb
Mild Steel Twisted Bars and Bar Brackets 1 DOWNLOAD 107 Kb
Paint 1 DOWNLOAD 136 Kb
Panels, Cast Panels, Rosettes, Geometric and Gate Panels 12 DOWNLOAD 1.2 MB
Plain Steel 2 DOWNLOAD 245 Kb
Plastic Inserts 2 DOWNLOAD 199 Kb
Railheads (Weldable) 9 DOWNLOAD 875 Kb
Readymade Railing Panel 1 DOWNLOAD 104 Kb
RHS Caps and Caps with Welded Balls 1 DOWNLOAD 116 Kb
Rings 1 DOWNLOAD 113 Kb
Rolling Centre - Gate Components 16 DOWNLOAD 1.6 MB
Rose Kit and Accessories 1 DOWNLOAD 89 Kb
Scrolls - S Scrolls, C Scrolls, Custom Designer Scrolls 5 DOWNLOAD 629 Kb
Solid and Hollow Spheres 1 DOWNLOAD 103 Kb
Steel Balls 1 DOWNLOAD 115 Kb
Textured Square Bars & Textured Flat Bars 2 DOWNLOAD 111 Kb
Wavy Bars 3 DOWNLOAD 308 Kb
Weather Vanes 2 DOWNLOAD 220 Kb
Although we have taken great care to ensure that the catalogue is void of any errors, we strongly urge you to recommend changes and report any mistakes that you come across whilst using it. Suggestions to improve the navigation and/or the design and appearance of the catalogue, are welcome. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
You can call, email or write to:
F.J. Brindley & Sons Ltd.
Central Hammer Works
Acres Hill Lane, Darnall
Sheffield S9 4LR
Tel No : +44 (0)114 2449663
Fax : +44 (0)114 2435112
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